when my mother died it took me a long time to come to terms with her death. These drawings are about the way life seemed to me at the time.


these drawings are not about particular dreams. rather they are reflections of an unspoken stream of dialogue my present is having with my past. If I go fishing in that stream, I sometimes come up with a snapshot reflection, a haiku hiccup, or a portent of things to come


loved ones and fish dinners.
Where does nature stop and we begin? Our desires are the fun house mirrors that prevent us from distinguishing ourselves from the surrounding world. we prefer culture to nature because culture flatters the human hive. to concede that we are part of nature is
to admit defeat--
even a cat knows that.

The drawings in this archive were done between 2001 and 2006. I have created categories: Mother, Nature, Beings, and Dreams, but the placement of any of the drawings in these categories is somewhat random, as most of them could live happily in any of the other categories.


These drawings capture moments of emotional ambiguity, states of anxiousness as well as confirmation. They are the product of doubt and uncertainty. I find myself disappointed in the repetition of life, but at the same time, in awe and befuddled by the mysteries of the underlying current of experience.